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Online Roku Live TV Streaming enables you to streamline your favourite TV shows and channels via your ROKU device using the Internet with the compatibility of connection to any television set. Channels provide both free and paid channels along with the on-demand content or live streaming video. The most amazing thing which a user can do is adding or removing different channels through the Roku Channel Store. There are services such as YouTube, PBS, Google Play Movies and TV, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, HBP Go, Hasbro Studios, TheBlaze and many more. You can easily get connected to your social network and get more apps.

There are some common issues like errors in activating or installing Roku TV. Users can get support like Roku account activation/ creation, Roku code activation, Roku channel addition, Channel streaming, Troubleshooting, Roku connectivity, Roku streaming.

Given below is a step by step instruction for Roku TV lovers, who are facing issues for activating or installing the Roku com link code,
    Roku Com Link Installation -
  • Open up the browser
  • Enter the roku.com/link in your browser.
  • For subscribing Roku, it is important to have an account at Roku.
    • Create Roku account by filling your first & last name, with your email and password as you want to setup.
    • If you’re existing customer, then directly login your account by entering email address and password.
  • After consideration of your Roku account, setting a PIN for purchasing and transaction for roku.com/link installation.
  • Choose payment method with your credit card details
  • Some of the Roku channels are paid, charged accordingly if you need to activate it accordingly.
  • While the Roku streaming player provides more than 1000 of channels for free.
  • If you’ve added new channels, then refresh the Roku player.
  • Now your live TV streaming is active and ready to streamline your movies and shows on your Roku channels.
  • If you‘re facing issues in Roku TV , Call @ for instant support and help.
    Requirement for Roku com link installation-
  • You must have a computer/laptop/mobile device with browser as well;
  • Must have Roku player as well;
  • Source of internet may be of wired/wireless;
  • Source of Electrical Power;
  • Output of Video – TV
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